MySchoolAccount Support: Things to Do Before the 2016/17 School Year Starts

Login to your parent account

By doing so, you will be sure of your login credentials and you will be able to review your personal information.  Review information, such as your email address, to be sure the information is still current. Use the “manage my account” link to view your email address, personal information and notification settings.     


Keeping your email address current is very important

Our form of communication with parents is via email. Your requested notifications (payment confirmation and low balance notifications) are generated by the system. The emails are sent to the email listed within your parent account. This is also the case when you use the “forgot password?” link to obtain your login credentials. The process is much quicker if your entered information matches what’s listed on your account. In addition, if we are notified of a returned payment by your bank, in most cases we will send you an email alert about the return and give you an opportunity to correct the issue. Examples of this would include a return due to non-sufficient funds or an invalid account number.   

When reviewing your notification settings, be sure you have all the boxes checked and that your minimum amounts are still appropriate for your growing students. I typically suggest setting the minimum to at least 4 times what they spend a day for lunch. As an example, if they spend $5 a day, set the minimum at $20.  That way you’ll have time to react the low balance notification email before their accounts get to low. In addition, you can enter different amounts for each student based on their spending habits. You may want to set your High School student’s minimum at $20 and your elementary student at $15.  Also, be sure that the enable box is checked next to the amounts. (see image below)

low balance


Forgotten Password/Login Credentials

Please use the “forgot password?” link on the login screen. The system will prompt you to enter your current email address. If the system recognizes the email, it will automatically generate an email which will include your user name and password.  

If the system does not locate the email address entered, you will be asked to enter additional search information, such as your student’s name, school/school district or parent mailing address. The search information you entered, will then be sent to our support staff via an email and your login credentials will be sent out typically within 24 hours.     


New School Year/New Students

There is no need to create a new parent account every year. Once your account is verified and your students are added, the account will carry over year after year. If you have a new student entering school, they can be added to your current account, as long as they attend the same private school or public school district that your account was created under.     

High School and middle school students within a public school district can be on the same parent account. However, if you have students who attend a private middle school and a separate private high school, you will most likely need to maintain two separate accounts, one for each private school.


Graduating Students/Changing Schools

Your local school is responsible for maintaining the student lunch accounts and all the associated funds. provides the web portal that allows you to “view” and make payments into those lunch accounts. For more information about closing the lunch account and obtaining a refund, you should contact the Food Service Department at your local school.

To close your parent account, if you do not have any additional students, you can deactivate your account from within your parent account. Once you login, select the “mange my account” link at the top on your landing page. Next click the “other account options” located on the right side of the screen above the Mobile MSA banner. Select “deactivate account” and enter a reason for deactivating, such as son is graduating. Once your request has been submitted, we will deactivate your parent account.