Six Ways to Keep your Restaurant from Eating All Your Profits

Waste can take a big bite out of any restaurant’s profit. That’s why food and beverage cost control is vital, no matter how well the business is doing in terms of clientele and volume.

Keeping track of everything takes time, especially if you’ve been relying on the old fashioned spreadsheet or a clipboard — and when you’re running a restaurant, time is in short supply. These days, good restaurant management software that can aid in a variety of tracking, including food and beverage cost control formulas, is a necessity.

Restaurant software that delivers food and beverage cost control can help in a variety of ways that a spreadsheet cannot.

Full  Integration

Worried that new software might not be compatible with what you’re using now? A good program will be compatible with many systems.

Programs designed specifically for restaurants can integrate some of those processes and update information across a range of tasks without multiple entries. You’ll be able to spot and fix problem areas more easily, too.


Food service experts will tell you that planning and documenting plating instructions, ordering and receiving procedures, prep work necessities, and serving standards can help cut your food cost dramatically. Menu planning software helps make it easy to scale recipes, control your inventory, automatically calculate ingredient requirements, and create cost and volume projections.

You’ll find that the reduction in duplicated tasks for menu planning frees you from being bogged down in paperwork.


Food software applications designed specifically for restaurants, catering and hospitality businesses, food service management and institutional feeding businesses can cut costs exponentially. Features such as creating an audit trail for your accounting team, keeping inventory updated, tracking deliveries, are all right at your fingertips.

You’ll also be able to set benchmarks to show progress toward your goals, and best of all, you will be able to reduce costs through better tracking, waste reduction and more efficient ordering.


Sticking with a prime vendor might help you with food cost control, but not all restaurant owners have that luxury. With the right integrated food service management software, you can compare prices from various vendors to get the best deals while you plan meals or track your inventory. That makes cost and volume projections a snap, especially if you need to scale up a recipe on short notice for a special event.

Just think — no more worrying about whether you’re charging the right amount. With the right software to do the calculations for you quickly and easily, you can order that extra sauce with confidence.


If your restaurant seems to be attracting the right volume of customers, but swallowing profits whole, food and beverage cost control reports can lead you straight to the source of the loss.

Progress Monitoring

Once you’ve identified a problem area and instituted changes, food costing software keeps track of how well the changes are working. Features like cost-to-profit ratios and customized worksheets that break down your procedures step by step, remove the guesswork.

The right food and beverage cost control formulas will help you minimize unnecessary losses, and it can reduce the time you spend searching for the cause of lost profits.  Look for food and beverage cost control software that offers integration with your existing data & accounting systems, your stockroom devices, and your POS software, and you’ll find your profits — and quite possibly your free time — will move in the right direction.

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