School district offers culinary boot camp for cafeteria workers

A North Carolina School District is offering a culinary boot camp to its cafeteria staff.
A North Carolina School District is offering a culinary boot camp to its cafeteria staff.

The Spartanburg County, South Carolina School District is launching the second year of a culinary boot camp for its cafeteria workers. Before the program, Angel Radford, the lead cook at Dawkins Middle School said that her staff was basically heat and eat. It went straight from the freezer to the pan to the plate."

The boot camp, however, has gone out of its way to provide staff with fresh, locally grown ingredients and a wide range of spices to improve both the quality of their work, and the quality of the meals they serve. 

"We're working with lots of ingredients I thought we would never see in the cafeteria, as far as our spices and fresh herbs," added Radford.

This year's boot camp has more than 30 new employees attending, and is teaching them new knife and cooking skills so they'll be prepared when the school year rolls around. 

While, come the school year, students are still able to the the standard options of pizza and subs, attendees of the boot camp can also provide their little guests with homemade options which have been growing in popularity, like risotto, fresh pasta and chicken legs.

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