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Disaster. No one likes to think about it, but whether it’s natural or manmade, disaster can strike at any time with little or no warning — a fire, vandalism, burglary, or a storm that knocks all computer related systems offline.

In food service management, the effects of a disaster can be multiplied by the loss of point-of-service (POS) information, especially if the destruction includes computers used to store data about vendors, departments, sales, receipts, or customers. For schools or other institutions, important documentation concerning food services — the applications and financial histories needed for free or reduced-cost food, for example — can be catastrophic. Even if you’ve been faithful about backing up your POS data onsite, those records could be destroyed. Reconstructing what you’ve lost could be a costly, time-consuming process.

Worse, the data could be lost before you ever realized you needed to back it up. Think about it — inventory management and stock control records gone in a flash.

Worst-case scenario: POS data is gone forever, and you’re forced to start from scratch.


Why you need better POS backup

While most point-of-sale restaurant management software comes with standard backup features, not all owners or managers are computer savvy enough to make sure it’s correctly installed. Even once it’s installed, owners or managers may not check often enough to make sure the program working correctly to backup POS data.

That’s why more and more restaurants, school districts, and institutions with food service departments are turning to reliable, low-cost offsite data backup for their inventory management and stock control records. These backup POS data software programs offer three benefits:

1. Secure cloud storage

2. Automated process

3. Professional installation

Secure cloud storage

These programs encrypt and back up POS data in the cloud, separate from your business and any disasters which might befall it. What matters is that important information is secure and won’t be lost even if your computers are destroyed. Restoring the information — and getting your business up and running again — takes very little time when backup documentation is readily available. For schools, that means you’d have almost immediate access to information on which students receive free and reduced-cost lunches, rather than a blizzard of paperwork to duplicate applications and financial histories.

Automated process 

Things can go wrong with the best hands-on backup system. Humans make mistakes or forget crucial steps. With off-site restaurant inventory management software backups, the program takes care of compressing and encrypting your POS data to make sure it’s secure before sending all your important information to the cloud every night. With one phone call after a disaster, you can retrieve all your information up to the last backup — the difference of recreating a day’s worth of data compared to months or even years of information.

Professional installation 

Skip the worry about whether or not the program has been installed correctly. Not everyone in food service management wants to learn the ins and outs of installing computer programs. Professionals will install good off-site backup software and make sure it’s working correctly, and they’ll be there to help if you have questions or problems later. That means fewer headaches for you and your food service management team.

Consider off-site backup POS data programs as the disaster insurance of your information world, protecting you from even worst-case scenarios. With that insurance, you gain the confidence your information will survive even a major disaster.

Reduce your headaches — get off-site backup for your POS data starting as low as $50.00 a month to gain peace of mind for your business.

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